Jessica On Video Ads, Search Engines, Blogs And Websites

Chris Winfield asked some questions last week and I asked my class for some help with some of the answers.

1) How do you feel about video ads on YouTube (as they are now like Boost Mobile)?

I don’t really care for ads, they seem out of place but they aren’t as bad as those ads that float around the screen or cover up what I try to read. It’s more like watching ads on TV.

1a) How would you feel about having to watch a quick ad before the video you wanted to watch?

If the ad made sense, and I really wanted to see the video it would be okay but ads for growing hair on a System Of A Down video wouldn’t be.

2) Which search engine do you use?

I use Google now but last year my homepage was Yahoo and I used it. I asked the people in my class and here are the answers.

Google 19
Yahoo 8
Ask 1

2a) Do you click on the ads?

Yes 4
No 24

3) Do you read blogs (other than this one ;)?

Yes, I read band blogs and fan blogs and my friend’s blogs and for Civics I have to read political blogs.

3a) How much influence does a blog have over what you might purchase?

It depends on what blog it is. If my friends are blogging about a new CD then I might buy it but I have to know the person blogging. I don’t like blogs that are all about trying to sell things.

4) What is the coolest website right now in your opinion?

I spend more time on Pogo than any other site but I asked the class again to get more answers.

World of Warcraft 6
Myspace 7
Youtube 5
Ecrush 2
Yahoo 1
Pogo 1
Bravo 2
iTunes 2
Wholenote 1

My teacher wrote at the bottom of the poll:

I spend most of my online time _________________
And we had to fill in the blank.

9 People said “playing Xbox”
9 people said “talking to friends”
2 people said “looking for girls”
2 people said “playing games”
2 people said “looking for music”
1 person said “learning guitar”
1 person said “looking for game cheats”
1 person said “at Myspace”
1 person said “downloading music”

If you have more questions please blog them here. Next week I might have questions from my class and teacher about blogging.


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  1. DG

    Just a quick note, Jessica wrote her post at school and saved it to- a floppy. I have three PCs on my network and not one with a floppy. I had to fire up my old laptop to access her text file. ; )

  2. Terrific job Jessica! If you need ever need a letter for recommendation for college (or a job) – let me know.


    PS> What’s a floppy Dean? ;)

  3. Good post Jessica, as always I’ll be looking forward to next week!

  4. DG

    Interesting that ‘Xbox’ is considered ‘online’.


    I hear they were used in the long, long ago. ; )

  5. Rett

    Funny that nobody fessed up to searching for pron on the internet…must be an all girls school. j/k. Very interesting to see that research/news didn’t make it in.

  6. I’ve recently started a website, the info you provide on this web site has helped me greatly. Thank you for all of your time & work.

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