List The Three Most Powerful Words You Know

There it is. Right in the title. Powerful words. Let’s hear yours. I’ll start with one;


Love – via timethief

Respect – via Nick Wilsdon

I, Yes, Us/We – via Webwork

I need to add another favorite of mine.

Believe -

You, Free and Now via Matt (if we’re talking about marketing) Yes, No and Sorry if we’re talking about life.

Damn, Money and Loyalty via Codswallop

Kill, Death and War via Richardpw

Powerful words indeed and offering another perspective.

Compassion, Tolerance, Cooperation – Three more powerful words from timethief

  1. timethief

    Ok, ok – Speaking freely. ;)

  2. I, Yes, Us/We

    “I” puts one out there and is capable of putting one on the line. Unfortunately, “I” has been trivialized.

    “Yes” is a magic word.

    “Us” elusive, powerful, capable of great good and otherwise.

    Imagine. Ah, the words that follow: Imagination evokes possibility. Possibility calls forth – into context. Context holds and begins to shape possibility. Commitment binds. Courage sustains.

    Magic words be typeth here, eh? :)

    Pitiful I am that I am, I have struggled to exercise those magic words and, in consequence, have grown weak in the art and power of speaking them and their power of calling forth.

  3. DG

    Free and freedom are very powerful, some of that power has been reduced by politicos that overuse the concept. The concept remains as powerful as ever.

    Free, freedom, etc become much more powerful when coupled with “believe”.

  4. It depends! :)

    In marketing, I would say: You, Free, Now

    In life, I would say: Yes, No, Sorry

  5. To not repeat others

    damn, money, loyalty.

    Tell me if you need more

  6. If I suggest the word “power” you’ll think I’m being facetious. ;)

    I’ll diverge from the positivism of the previous suggestions. Three words that have a powerful (in a negative sense) effect on me are:

    kill, death, war.

  7. timethief

    I’ll match the fear based three words above this post with these:
    compassion, tolerance, cooperation

  8. Based on the current situation: homeland, security, terrorism

  9. Trust, Friends, Ambition :)

    …seeing as tolerance is in there already…


  10. anonymous.

    #1. Faith
    You have this, then you don’t need to worry where you are going.

    #2. Love
    Have love in your heart and you can overcome the greatest obstacles.

    #3. Perseverance
    Persevere and endure all hardships. It is the only way to achieve the impossible.

  11. BMOE


  12. kathleen

    1. love
    this describes absolutely EVERYTHING we live for, and why we look forward to living. its how we treat ourselves, our friends, our family, and everything around us. it has so many different meanings, and even each person has a different idea of it. we completely revolve around love. its easy to understand, but hard to realize.

    thats all i got though.

  13. «ÎCrystalλ


  14. «ÎCrystalλ

    And Justice is more similar to God.

  15. Riley

    the f word , sorry , sorta
    the f words spices anything up
    sorry explains its self
    and sorta can change a whole mood
    your gonna live….sorta – Demitri Martin

  16. My all time favorite is Dream! Next two would have to be
    Love & Money
    Put all three together you just might get Success!

  17. Be True To Yourself and Others

  18. Great find, never thought that would happen on a Tuesday!

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