Search Engine Research Papers Collection

Over the years I’ve collected hundreds of search engine research papers and I’m linking to them here with what I believe to be the takeaway point from each paper, as well as an excerpt from each one. They will also be available in a zip format as soon as I negotiate the distribution rights for all of them. (some of them require a fee to place them on a server).

These papers should be required reading for any SEO yet are often neglected because of the math involved, or the complexity of the content, or simple time constraints. However, salient points can sometimes be gleaned from them even if the math is ignored and a quick scan often yields interesting points or avenues for exploration.

I’ll try to add two or three papers a day, I’m in the processing of rereading all them and then writing a short takeaway and choosing excerpts for each of them.

Some of them will be listed under their respective search engine, some will be listed under LSI/LSA and some under a general category. You’ll find the links under the Writings section in the upper right corner. Enjoy.


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