Crusades, Bombs and Scoble

Robert Scoble is upset. He’s upset because a website that has negative things to say about Martin Luther King Jr. has the #1 spot in Google. He feels that this is an error, or a deliberate Google Bomb by the owners of In order to rectify that error, he wants people to help him link bomb Google.

Naturally, people want to do the right thing. So, they want to exploit the system that they feel has been exploited by  This is where I feel that the mob mentality takes over, and no good will come of it. If the system is broken, the system needs to be fixed, not exploited further.  Adding more bombs to the fray is a knee-jerk reaction typical of activists that simply want to triumph over their enemy. It is also the cheap and easy way out. So here’s a novel approach, rather than simply exploit the system, how about working within the system to effect change?

Create the best resource on the Web, entirely devoted to Martin Luther King Jr. and promote it. Or work with the existing site owners to help them promote their sites without resorting to Google bombs. Martin Luther King Jr. was a master of working within the system to effect change. That is how lasting changes are made.  The bombing method simply ensures that someone will begin working on a bigger bomb…


  1. bigstarlet

    I agree with everything you said, with the exception of working with the current site owners. That site clearly has the agenda of besmirching not only the life and works of Martin Luther King, but of all efforts promoting civil rights for all races. I don’t think they would appreciate any assistance from those who took an opposite point of view of King’s life from their own. It’s one of the reasons why the current google bomb campaign is taking place…

  2. DG

    Agreed. I was speaking about working with the current site owners of MLKJr. sites to help them promote their sites. No need to try getting the tiger to trade stripes for spots.

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