When Searches Go Wrong -Graywolf and Locomotion

Google SerpA query for the locomotion of graywolf should not bring up my blog as the #1 result. That’s a perfect example of word proximity being given too much weight.

And shouldn’t there be a Did You Mean “gray wolf’ link on that SERP?


  1. for some reason I’ve had a kylie minogue song stuck in my head all day (humms to himself).

    As far as the “did you mean” part it’s actually quite interesting to watch SEO monikers grow in popularity. As they become more popular, gain more links, and more “search mass” they seem to enter into the “google dictionary”. For example http://www.stuntdubl.com/2006/07/13/didyou-mean/

    others who’ve made the grade include oilman, webguerilla, and martinibuster.

    I suppose that would also explain non words like muggle, quidditch, and anduril.

  2. Damn I need to rebrand. I knew that hastey decision 5 years ago when I registered on WmW would come back and bite me on the ass! I wonder if GoogleSEOcasino-viagraMan is taken? ;)


    (it’s comments like this why Askimet doesn’t like me…)

  3. DG

    That comment was doomed MG, I rescued it from the depths of Akismet. Didn’t help that casino and Viagra were on my filter list.

  4. Ah all my comments go the same way these days.

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