Yahoo Chases Tagging Patent

Just noticed this post about Yahoo’s Tagging Patent Application on the WordPress Tag Surfer. The patent application is certainly interesting.

Metadata may be associated with media objects by providing media objects for display, and accepting input concerning the media objects, where the input may include at least two different types of metadata. For example, metadata may be in the form of tags, comments, annotations or favorites. The media objects may be searched according to metadata, and ranked in a variety of ways.

And take a look at the entities owned by Yahoo!

* Butterfield; Daniel Stewart; (San Francisco, CA) – Flickr, Yahoo! owned
* Costello; Eric; (Astoria, NY) –
* Fake; Caterina; (San Francisco, CA) – Flickr, Yahoo! owned
* Henderson-Begg; Callum James; (San Francisco, CA)
* Mourachov; Serguei; (Sunnyvale, CA)
* Schachter; Joshua Eli; (Mountain View, CA) –, Yahoo! owned

And while it appears that currently, this would apply to images and audio objects, the ‘software for tagging’ falls under the patent. Kudos to Timo Heuer for the heads up.

How many tagging systems are out there? The tag soup on a lot of blogs suggests that there’s a quite a few. This seems to cover the ‘method for applying a label to any object’. Rather broad. Would this extend to ‘public methods of  categorization’?


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