Honest LinkBait – Drivl, For Some Friday Fun

With posts entitled,

Bums I have Known

Movie Cliches That Must Die A Horrible Death

and 10 Fun Things To Do With A Dead Badger

you know going in that it’s going to be drivel. But hey, at least the headlines are accurate…


  1. Honest linkbait indeed! In a few months, I’ll be in Seattle for a few days and now have an afternoon of people-watching planned. ;)

  2. DG

    Stay away from Barney! ; )

  3. Adds to bookmarks filed under idea incubator for that taxidermist client that needs linkbait ideas.

  4. DG

    If you build a large, wooden badger…

  5. DG

    It still works! Gotta love youtube. I’ve got some anvil shooting vids I need to upload. ; ) Gunpowder, heavy steel objects, fire, people under the influence, heavy, flying, steel objects, people under the influence…

  6. yea videos destroying stuff is cool. From a unique marketing approach I love the ‘will it blend’ series of videos.

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