So What Do SEOs Do In Their Downtime?

I was talking to someone yesterday about looking forward to the weekend, and he asked, ‘So, do SEOs do anything besides play World of Warcraft when they aren’t working’?

Personally, I don’t know of any SEOs that play WoW. I know one that shows dogs, one that creates claymation movies, another that spends nearly every free moment taking wildlife photographs, a fanatical sportfisher, one that snorkels, a bonsai tree enthusiast, a pilot, a stained glass artist and on and on.

I like to hunt, I raise pheasants, build HO scale dioramas, trap shoot, pin shoot, I tried bonsai trees but my bonsai fu is weak, and quite a bit more. Nearly all of it outdoors.

So what do you do when you aren’t working? Indoors? Outdoors? Do you feel the need to get away from that monitor for recreation?

Photo Courtesy of
Photo Courtesy of


  1. Rafa

    I’m not really an SEO, but GOLF, GOLF, GOLF, DAMN IT MAN, GOLF! Followed by RC planes. Your teeny tiny railroad detailing makes me crazy AND blind.

  2. And there I was thinking that I was unique – nutty about SEO and model trains.

    Another illusion destroyed :)

    Nice weathering and scenery.

  3. DG

    I’ll have my model RR blog up soon. That pic isn’t my layout, I’m still painting and weathering hydrocal buildings for my downtown scene.

    Nice to meet another model railroad enthusiast.

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