Tags Getting Out of Hand? Aggregate Them

Tag vomit gotcha down? Just not enough hours in the day to check those tags you’re interested in? Well, now you can sort through that tag soup with a couple of clicks. Just hit up TagBulb. Another 43 fucking things you’re probably not interested in? No problem! Sugarblip? Flickrtube? RawPodcast? Crotchwatch? Okay, that last one is isn’t a tag combination, yet…

It defaults to images, why? No clue. But I searched for ‘seo’ and clicked on ‘blogs’ and found that the English alphabet was a minority. Just try it. It’s new and a little clunky. Okay, a lot clunky. But they have a cool yellow guy wearing a diaper, err, a light bulb peering through a magnifying glass…


  1. Oooh… ajax. Cool.

    Bulb. Bright idea. WTF.

  2. DG

    Seems like they have a relevancy problem, with TAGGED content. I remain nonplussed.

  3. Check out the new UI on tagbulb front page.
    You have option of choosing the type of content – Images, Videos etc.

  4. DG

    To put the discussion on the front page, I made a new post, here. Thanks for stopping by to comment and keep everyone informed.

  1. 1 Tagbulb Redux « Speaking Freely

    […] me know there’s a new UI for Tagbulb, the tag search engine, and Indeed, the UI has changed. Thanks Veerendra. Seems the last UI was […]

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