New Search Engine Claims to Evaluate User’s Personality -T6


No, it’s a not a dating engine and ‘personality’ may be misleading. It appears to simply track your searches and clicks then adds weight to results that match your previous clickthroughs.

“Now when this user gives a title ‘tigers’ the user will find that the top 4-5 results are for tigers baseball team and also for a tigers rugby team. The sites with tiger as an animal or tiger as a software are ranked lower than the tiger sports sites.

“In contrast, another user who has browsed pages on animals like lion or cat will find the web pages related to animal tiger ranked higher than the pages containing tiger software or Tiger Woods.

It’s called T6 and you have to register to try it out. You might have to try that link a few times as well, it was timing out for me. Then you might have to enter your queries a few times as ‘network errors’ seems to be the most common result.

One of the biggest problems I see with this treatment of results is how the engine knows what I want to see on a particular day. What if I’m researching the Detroit Tigers one day and Bengal Tigers the next? And what if all my searches for Bengal Tigers screw up my results for the Bengals football team? And did I mention that it seems to pull all of its results from Google. So the only thing new appears to be the tracking and the weighting.


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