Sony Pays For Fake Christmas Wishes – All I Want For Christmas Is A PSP

Why am I not surprised that Sony would pay for fake Christmas wishes on a website? Well, because nothing surprises me. Especially when the web is involved.

Sony just sank to the lowest of the lowest level. Sony hired marketing company Zipatoni to set up a viral marketing scheme, that company did this by registering the domain This website is set up as a PSP fansite where the marketers with Sony’s approval pretend to be kids that want a PSP and posted a rap video titled “All I Want for X-mas Is A PSP”

Of course it gets better, with what else? Fake comments. Full story over at VideogamesBlogger.
False headlines, fake Diggs, fake comments and fake product reviews, and people wonder why some folks don’t want to buy on the web…

This is all part of a larger issue that I plan to have a post about next week.


  1. I believe that strategy was outlined in a report entitled, “OK so how do we salvage some market share back after our immense screw up with PS3 planning?”. :)

  2. DG

    And they had a committee that agreed that a fake site with fake comments was a good idea! Shall we watch as they form the ‘Why Did That Backfire” committee?

  3. Bugger that I’m gonna pitch them for reputation management services! ;)

  4. DG

    After the PS3 fiasco, and the DRM fiasco, and now this, you shouldn’t have to pitch hard.

  5. OK…I had to rant on my blog about this…and…well…also send an email to the marketing firm / Sony UK’s PR team… :D

    It’s just so bloody funny – how could such a piece of shit pass through quality control of any serious marketing agency?

    They even have a dodgy version of it on their own site:

    Zipatoni Ad



  6. Sony is run by idiots.

  1. 1 When is a flog not a flog? « niff, naff n triv

    […] the skills themselves to spot fakery and call shenanigans .  Just as happened with Sony’s All I want for Christmas is a PSP flog in […]

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