Calacanis Paying People To Out ‘Social News Scammers’

From agenda to vendetta

I’d like to try and out the advertisers and marketing firms on digg (and maybe even Netscape, who knows) that are paying folks to submit news for them. If you know of a firm doing this send me their name, the email they sent you, the URL of the story on digg/netscape, and/or who they are paying.

If your tip pans out I’ll send you $100 via paypal. Yep, I’ll pay you for ratting these folks out.

Anonymous tips that are purchased? That wouldn’t lead anyone to question the credibility of the information would it? Shades of Hoover and McCarthy. The sad part is, for $100, he’ll find people willing to help him. The good news is, the FTC is already asking for disclosure.

I’m all for disclosure. Credibility on the Web is under attack. False headlines, fake reviews, fake sites. But compiling a secret list, and paying people to help compile the list, is not the way to establish trust. This just smacks of a personal crusade.

But it gets worse, Calacanis acknowledges that he hasn’t confirmed the facts, but he publishes an ‘outing’ anyway, and casts his uncomfirmed suspicion on a list of people that ‘dugg’ the story.


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