Introducing A New Blog Author – Covering The Social Web and More

I wanted a different perspective on the Social Web, Myspace, Digg, etc. I also wanted some fresh input on what is driving the young adopters of technology. So, I’m proud to announce that Jessica L. will be writing for this blog. She’s the 15 year-old junior editor of her school newspaper and one of my daughter’s best friends. She’ll be speaking freely at least once a week, every Wednesday evening.

If you have any questions for Jessica, please add them to the comments here until she starts posting tomorrow evening. The time she spends writing here counts as one of her assignments and is a large part of her grade. Welcome Jessica.

  1. Cool idea DG, I’l throw a couple of questions out there and apologize in advance for the link drops.

    Which websites do you visit and how often (digg, netscape, reddit, stumbleupon, myspace). What are your favorite things to do there .

    What do you think of corporate profiles on my space like

    Which do you use more email or text messaging.

    which would you prefer a phone with better pictures/videos/screen size or a phone with more/better music capabilities.

    Would you be willing to carry a larger phone with a bigger screen and larger keyboard or do you prefer a smaller more compact phone.

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