New Copyright Tool – Scanning 10 Billion Pages

The problem with user submitted content is often, the users don’t own the copyright to the content they submit. Attributor wants to find the content that is being used without permission.

Attributor analyzes the content of clients, who could range from individuals to big media companies, using a technique known as “digital fingerprinting,” which determines unique and identifying characteristics of content. It uses these digital fingerprints to search its index of the Web for the content. The company claims to be able to spot a customer’s content based on the appearance of as little as a few sentences of text or a few seconds of audio or video. It will provide customers with alerts and a dashboard of identified uses of their content on the Web and the context in which it is used.

Why am I sceptical when I read statements like, “We see this as a way to take us out of the course we’ve been on, which is more litigation,” says Mr. Pitkow, who is chief technology officer.


I probably shouldn’t be the person to comment on technologies for combatting copyright infringement on user-submitted content sites like YouTube as I see no reason to bring the boob tube to my PC. “The World’s Largest Collection of Mediocrity, Gathered Together in One Place’. Excuse me while I yawn.

And while the technology mentioned in the article sounds impressive, the resilience of those people that want all content to be free is astounding. Attributor seems initially to have shied away from tackling the P2P problem.

via The Wall Street Journal


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