The Long Tail Can Mean Fat Profits, But Who Is Getting Paid?

cashNicholas Carr has an interesting post entitled Sharecropping the Long Tail, perhaps prompted by a piece at Read/WriteWeb entitled, The Shrinking Long Tail.

Condensed, both articles simply supply an old chestnut, The Rich Get Richer. The boys at the top are garnering a larger percentage of pageviews, and according to the author at Read/WriteWeb, the social networks are to blame.

Okay, so Facebook and Myspace are getting more pageviews. But pageviews are increasingly becoming meaningless. (see Time For a New Hit). But as Carr notes, a trend seems clear, a few big sites are dominating the web.

I’m not sure that this shrinking long tail deserves the attention it is getting.

What I know, is that all those pageviews came from somewhere, and that all those pageviews will move somewhere else. To the next fad, to the next application, the next big thing. Talk to anyone that still chats in a chatroom lately?


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