Listingcorp – Solicitation For Web Related ServiceThat Looks Like a Bill

Listingcorp is making the rounds again. They send snailmail that looks like a bill for $65.00 for a ‘Website Listing Service’.

On the front:


Please Make Checks Payable to Listing Corps

Please write your reference number on the front of the check.

Enclose check in the envelope provided


Then they provide “Payment Information’.

In short, it looks like a bill for a domain name, or for some service that’s already been provided for a domain name.

On the back, and at the bottom of the ‘invoice’ they mention that it’s not a bill, but a solicitation.

I got one of these last week, one the week before, and two this week.


  1. your_store

    Ah.. I hate this scam. My accounting department brought me a bill that they had payed for around $600 from one of these scammers. Luckily, it wasn’t too late to stop payment.

    I love the fine print, “This is not a bill”.

  2. DG

    Glad you caught it. It looks enough like a bill to get passed to accounting, and that’s what they are hoping for. Or that people in a hurry just pay it without really looking at it.

    I paid a long distance ‘bill’ that was a solicitation that almost perfectly resembled my phone bill. They do just enough to skirt the law by providing the disclaimer on the back of the ‘bill’.

  3. Gene Venable

    I got one on Jan 13. It fooled me to a certain extent. I didn’t see the “solicitation” message on the back. It’s pretty scummy. Luckily, I found this site more or less immediately while seeking more information. I wanted to see something from Microsoft confirming they would send me a bill.

  4. DG

    Hello Gene, glad you found out before you paid them. it is pretty scummy. They keep the ‘invoice’ amount reasonable and I’m sure lots of people just pay it.

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