Amazon – 2006 Season ‘Best Ever’

Frank Barnako at MarketWatch has a short entry in which Amazon reviews holiday sales. (AMZN) said that its sales included shipments to 100,000 Army and Fleet Post Office zip codes. The online seller’s business day of the season was Monday, Dec. 11 when it shipped 3.4 million items.

Every year is the new ‘best ever’ and the gloomy 2006 economic predictions didn’t come to fruition.

Best selling toy? Radica’s 20 Questions. I had never heard of it until Christmas Eve, but every kid in the house had one. Most annoying toy of 2006? Radica’s 20 Questions.


  1. My wife was a major contributor to Amazon this year.

    When I went to my online banking and opened the credit card account my monitor burst into flames from the pixels scrolling so fast.


  2. DG

    I can’t say a word. Amazon gets a good chunk of change from me. And you had the perfect excuse to go buy a new monitor ; )

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