Contextual Ads – For Your Wii, PS3 or Xbox 360

In the print version of Game Informer there’s a story entitled The In-Game Ad Game – Nielsen Media To Track Games. There’s a particularly interesting quote:

Nielsen’s initiative will show advertisers, publishers and developers independent data to aid in the buying and selling of in-game advertising as well as tracking gamers’ interests in other media such as TV and Internet. GamePlay Metrics will tap existing Nielsen panels, and Nielsen technology will allow them to track and accumulate data.

Everyone involved insists the advertising will be appropriate. In the past ads were related to the console company, or a game development company. It was no surprise to see “Nintendo” emblazoned on banners adorning gocart tracks. Or an ad for the next ‘Zelda’ entry.


As the games grew more realistic, the ads changed. Even driving at 190 mph through a city, ads for restaurants and record companies were quite visible. Sandbox games allow the players to wander around vast environments at their own pace, and advertising looks much the same as it does in any modern city.

With the addition of online play and web browsers, ads can now be controlled at a level that wasn’t possible before. Anyone for checking CTR on the next version of Grand Theft Auto?

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