Gnosis – ClearForest Firefox Extension To Explore The Semantic Web

Gnosis is a Firefox extension from ClearForest that provides reasonable semantic analysis of existing pages or selected text. It require Firefox 2.0 or better to run.

5. You can process the page in one of two ways:
a) Click the Gnosis button to process the entire page, or
b) Select specific text and click the button or right click to “ClearForest Gnosis”
6. Gnosis goes away and finds all the people, companies, organizations and other items in your page

Gnosis does not ‘understand’ words but instead, seems to rely on word dependencies to provide semantically related words. It then provides color-coded highlighting and allows you to make deeper searches.

It’s interesting technology and can provide you with some very detailed information that might be overlooked in casual reading. Read/Write Web has a very detailed write up.


  1. ttague

    Thanks for noticing Gnosis!

    A quick note – we have a new version in the Mozilla approval process that will significantly improve on functionality. Rather than opening the sidebar you can just hover over an identified item to launch lookups in Wikipedia, Google Finance & Maps, Technorati and others.

    Should be released in the next day or so.

  2. DG

    Excellent. Looking forward to the improvements and thanks for stopping by to comment.

  3. Just a brief note to let you know that ClearForest has published a new and improved version of Gnosis. While we’re waiting for the lengthy Mozilla approval process to complete the extension is hosted at

    Cleaner UI and automated extraction for the top dozen or so news sites on the web. Better “launch” options to take you to and other locations.

    A great starting point is a news site like CNN, the International Herald Tribune or the Wall Street Journal. For these and about a dozen other sites Gnosis will do its work in the background with no user intervention. Another great place to play is Wikipedia – the automated entity identification adds a whole new level of navigational possibilities.

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