Reading For The New Year

Everyone has a top ten list or is sharing stats so I decided to share some recommended reading. Once a month I’ll list five books that I consider important enough to make the cut. No aff codes. ;)


A Semantic WebPrimer – by Grigoris Antoniou, Frank van Harmelen. A broad approach to the Semantic Web including OWL and the RDF Schema. The book is organized well but if your logic is lacking you may find the book a slow or frustrating read.



spinningSpinning the Semantic Web: Bringing the World Wide Web to Its Full Potential – by Tim Berners-Lee, Dieter Fensel

The optimist book that promises to bring a Web of meaning to the world. The cynics will ask, ‘Where are the intelligent agents, where is NLP”? This book touches on the answers to those questions.


thinking-web Thinking on the Web: Berners-Lee, Gödel and Turing –-by H. Peter Alesso, Craig F. Smith

This book uses the ‘big three questions’ as the starting point for how far technology has come, and how far it can go. Easy, interesting reading that will make you think.




Modern Information Retrieval – by Ricardo Baeza-Yates, Berthier Ribeiro-Neto.

Want to know how much information retrieval has changed? This is the book for you. Learn how systems are being designed to maximize the signal to noise ration.



Ambient Findability – by Peter Morville

How are you dealing with information overload? The every day inundation of facts, stories, media clips, newsbytes, etc?

This book addresses that issue, as well as how good information may be lost amid the sea of information available. If you only read one book from this list, make it this one.


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