Jessica On The Web Returns Tomorrow

My guest blogger Jessica returns tomorrow to let us know what teens buy with a mouse. Yes Jessica, the holidays are over. ; )


  1. Very cool. So no free-form questions from the audience this time?

  2. DG

    By all means, ask questions. The more, the better. She has to print out ALL questions, answers and posts she writes for her grade. Her entire journalism class is required to read it, and eventually, participate. ; )

  3. Cool – here’s some:

    1) How do you feel about video ads on YouTube (as they are now like Boost Mobile)?
    1a) How would you feel about having to watch a quick ad before the video you wanted to watch?

    2) Which search engine do you use?
    2a) Do you click on the ads?

    3) Do you read blogs (other than this one ;)?
    3a) How much influence does a blog have over what you might purchase?

    4) What is the coolest website right now in your opinion?


    PS> If you don’t use any of the above – feel free to skip or answer with something similar (ie – no youtube but metacafe, etc).

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