Busy Sunday

feedmillAfter working all day Friday and Saturday, (36 hours) I thought I would take Sunday off and enjoy the small things.

But, I’ve got to paint an entire feed mill, put down 40×80 feet of grass, 120 feet of paved road, lay out a gravel parking lot, wire three complete buildings, paint two flatbed trucks, install 6 grain bins and two grain elevators, put in two culverts and a small bridge, stack 80 bags of grain and fence the entire feed mill lot. And then I have to start landscaping. And that’s just one part of town!

Sure glad it’s HO scale. ; )


  1. Lucky you :)

    I had plans on building a baseboard but a client had other ideas.

  2. DG

    I really want to finish the downtown area, but I can only string so much power line and telephone line before double vision sets in. Hope you get to start on your baseboard. At one point, we need to trade RR pics. ; )

  3. I should get on with the baseboard – she-who-must-be-obeyed bought the domain name for me about a year ago and it’s been over 10 years since I had to pull my last layout down.

    The trouble is that baseboards are number 2 on my list of pet-hates about the hobby – wiring is number 1.

  4. dvg

    Starting my own RR is tops on my “wishes to do” list. As soon as I have a house with a basement … as soon as I have a house … as soon as I get married … as soon as I propose … as soon as I have the ring …

  5. DG

    Hmm, you won’t need an entire basement, at first anyway. Start with a small project, and start cheaply, and make lots of mistakes, because you will, and it’s much better to make them on a starter project than it is to scrap something on your grand design.

    How about N scale in a briefcase?

    Rather have it at the office?

    And lastly, though the basement sounds great, you’ll want to put the thing where people can easily see it. After all the hours you put into it, tucking it away in a basement is a shame.

  6. All I did was upload 8-10,000 pages to one of my domains. And go see a movie.

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