Digging up Controversy – Why Digg Isn’t Any More Hip or 2.0 Than Old School Media

From Scott Karp at Publishing 2.0, quoting our good friend Todd Malicoat, via WPN

Success on Digg Is Just Like Success In Old Media

According to SEO Todd Mailcoat, getting three stories to the homepage of Digg puts you in the top 1% of Digg users, and it takes “months” to build up a what Todd calls a “reputable” Digg account. Those statistics struck me as stunning, so I decided to dig into Digg’s top user data (which loads painfully slow, as if Digg want to discourage people from digging around.)

Scott’s conclusion?

If Digg has revolutionized anything, it has been by allowing handful of people who might never have considered being professional editors to “edit” the Web for their peers

I highly recommend reading Scott’s piece, Todd’s piece, and the comments at Publishing 2.0. I found the story interesting because I firmly believe there is no Web 2.0, in fact, I think we’re still experiencing, at best, Web 1.1


  1. Web 2.0 is really just like the fable of the King’s new clothes.

  2. DG

    I am eagerly anticipating Web 2.0, it’s just not here yet. Nor are there any Web 2.0 Enterprise applications and there’s a Harvard Prof that writes about nothing but Enterprise 2.0

    A few bells and whistles aren’t revolutionary. Myspace hasn’t changed the webscape, nor has Digg. Where’s the immersive technology? Where are the revolutionary applications that broadband was supposed to usher in?

    User submitted video clips and a voting system are disruptive technologies? That mark real progress? C’mon…

  3. But like most new technologies that are supposed to make the earth move for everyone and save us all money all it does is cost more.

    Here in Australia the faster the connection the more you pay and there’s no such thing as unlimited downloads. The last ISP that I know of that offered that sort of deal quietly dropped it last month – and jacked their prices up for all their other plans.

    While people are being made to pay more they’re not going to be demanding all those bells and whistles so perhaps Web 2.0 is going to be a victim of Economics and Greed 101 :)

  4. anybody who regularly goes up against SE algo’s really shouldn’t have any trouble gaming digg. I also wouldn’t want to throw a monkey wrench into those calc’s pointing out a sizeable chunk of those 700,000 users are probably voting zombies.

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