FastForward 07

fast forward 07

San Diego, CA February 7-9. So is anyone going?

I was thinking about attending to hear Professor McAfee speak, and to see what people are saying about Enterprise Search.

But I’m not a ‘C-level executive, or a senior manager who drives business or technology decisions’. When will these guys learn that in our undustry, (that’s not a typo), that ‘executive’ is a bad word?

At FASTforward ’07 we will tackle head-on how a new generation of technology will impact the way you do business, compete, learn, build communities and socialize. You’ve heard the 2.0 terms – Web 2.0, Enterprise 2.0, BI 2.0, Office 2.0, etc. Search is at the core of these concepts and of what will come next.

FASTforward ’07 — You Cannot Afford to Not be There

Even with all that hype, and that poorly worded tagline, I may go. ; )


  1. How come “search is in the core of those concepts”? Aside from google buying everything web 2.0.

    I’d love to go to a web 2.0 conference, I am just not sure FASTforward is one.

  2. DG

    I’m still debating whether or not to go. Not sure why ‘search’ is singled out other than the reason you mentioned.

    I may wait until Web 2.0 actually arrives before going to a Web 2.0 conference. ; ) I do want to hear Prof. McAfee speak though.

  3. “FASTforward ’07, the largest conference on the “search-powered” enterprise is sponsored by FAST.”

    Fast being the search engine company. I have a feeling that this will be a bit biased.

    Prof’ McAfee and Tim O’Reilly might be worth the $900. But being that I have to spend an extra $2.5K for the flight and board. I think I’ll pass.

    On another note, I apologize DG, but these guys know exactly what they are doing when they are targeting executives. They want to sell search engine servers to companies under the guise of Web 2.0 technology. So they gather some unsuspecting keynote speakers and flaunt them to get CIO’s to attend their 3 day long sales pitch.

  4. DG

    >>but these guys know exactly what they are doing when they are targeting executives

    I agree with you. I’m still coming to terms with the fact that for an entire industry that prides itself on being able to work from home wearing sweats, conferences are such a big deal… ; )

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