From The Questionable Names Dept. – Buddylube

Buddylube? Warning! Music! Insipid dub, dub, dub dot buddy lube…

He lubes the best and loses the rest. Spread the lube.

Okay, apart from the name, the graphic they chose looks like a walking sphincter.

More madness from the Web 2.0 marketing front. And before ya say,

‘Man, it’s just name’,

Yes, I know, it was the combination of name, graphic walking bunghole and music that compelled me to be nasty and mean spirited. I really don’t want people ‘spreading the lube’. Which by the way, begs the question, why does your buddy need lubed? Sorry, the connotations are just all wrong with that one.

I’m really not being mean, this is a perfect example of why you need to give serious thought to domain names and the message you want to send, and how your message translates to other media. Would you walk around a conference with a Buddylube tee shirt?


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    Comic Relief

    I’ve been writing a bunch of other things, and since it’s pretty important for me not to take myself too seriously, here are some links that made me laugh and/or cringe in horror.
    For Immediate Realease: Company XYZ Releases Google Killer…

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