Yahoo Buys MyBlogLog For Ten Million


Hey, everybody loves Web 2.0, even if it’s not here yet. Buy Myspace. Buy Facebook. Buy Web 2.0. Seems to be the directive of the Dot.Boom 2-oh crowd…

Err…. MyBlogLog looks like Myspace for geeks. Ooh look… avatars.

The rapid adoption rate has been impressive though.  Has promotional surfing already begun? People pushing their avatar? Does Yahoo simply want more data on bloggers and the blogging community?


  1. AhmedF

    Yep the spamming has beguneth :)

  2. DG

    If they rein in the spam now, they may have a chance at stemming the tide. now excuse me while I push my avatar to the next two-hundred sites… ; )
    I can already see the bots firing up, crawling for ‘View Entire Community Provided by MyBlogLog’ or other fingerprints.

  3. what will yahoo do in next? lets see..

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