Tagbulb Redux

tagbulb2Veerendra Shivhare dropped by today to let me know there’s a new UI for Tagbulb, the tag search engine, and Indeed, the UI has changed. Thanks Veerendra. Seems the last UI was Alpha.

The question though is one of speed and relevance. I chose, ‘blogs’, typed in ‘seo’ and was presented with three results. The first result was for ‘Blogdumps’. So I clicked to page ‘2’ (waited for the loading) and received four results. The 4th result was for a blog that had just launched, which in a way is good, because it’s fresh, but where are all the SEO blogs? I repeated the process with other words and phrases and experienced similar results.

I like the concept, but it’s not ready for prime time.


  1. We are still working on the beta release.
    The blog seach module had a bug and its fixed now.
    Now it shows all the results expected.

    It first does a “Tag” search on Technorati. If it doesnt finds the posts for a tag it will do a “keyword” search.


  2. When I had a little play with it for blogs it seemed to be case sensitive – hervey bay returned nothing – Hervey Bay returned a large number of results.

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