Bill Moyers Kicks Off Media Reform Conference – Urges Awareness on Net Neutrality

Bill Moyers, the award-winning PBS producer opened the National Conference for Media Reform and urged everyone to keep an eye on the Net Neutrality bill.

Track it day by day,” he said. “If we lose the future now, we’ll never get it back.”

You can watch Moyers’ opening remarks by visiting the Media Reform page.

Net Neutrality is quite possibly one of the most important bills looming in 2007. Big media definitely wants control, and Moyers, long-time critic of large media, is well worth listening to.

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  1. The so-called “Net Neutrality” bill is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. It’s purpose is to help large bandwidth users like Google, Yahoo!, and Microsoft avoid paying their fair share for the additional infrastructure they need to deliver new services in the future.

    Since they have not yet figured out how to monetize those services, they want consumers to pay for the cost of building infrastructure directly by subsidizing the bandwidth providers.

    In other words, all Net Neutrality represents is increased profits for the large bandwidth users at our expense.

  2. DG

    The water is so murky surrounding Net Neutrality that I can’t see clearly. ; ) Here’s some more information: Moyers – Net At Risk

  3. As someone who has been following this debate through my work with the Hands Off the Internet coalition, I agree it is a murky. It seems people can’t even agree on how net neutrality is defined.

    Clearly, I am opposed to regulating the internet under the guise of “net neutrality.” I agree with Michael that net neutrality is a means for the large content providers to avoid paying their fair share at the expense of consumers.

    The government’s focus should be on fostering broadband deployment, expanding the capacity for innovation and job creation not stifling the internet with regulations.

  4. DG

    Thanks for stopping by, seems you’re passionate about the subject. ; )

    Can you give us the pros and cons of Net Neutrality in a few concise paragraphs? I think what is so confusing is that “Net Neutrality’ sounds like a good thing. Neutrality is good right? Now add some high-profile companies that ‘do no evil’ as supporters and things get confusing fast. Reminds me of those propositions that come around in November where voting ‘No’ means yes and yes is bad, or the reverse.

    Any insight would be appreciated.

  5. Sorry for the delay in getting back to you. Sure the phrase “net neutrality” sounds nice, but in reality if Congress were to pass this “net neutrality” law it would be detrimental to the internet.

    In fact, there is a great editorial in the Washington Post today that explains this point in detail and it’s written by a few people who know a thing or two about the subject.

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