Bloggers Do it Better, or at Least, Faster – Bloggers Scoop Old Media

Brian White from BloggingStocks reports that bloggers beat old media to the punch and scooped them on the Apple iPhone story.

But, MSNBC, Fox, CNN, the New York Times and other media outlets were not covering Apple’s latest announcement in real-time that involved the long-anticipated mobile phone that may change several major industries this year and into the next. Nope, it was bloggers — and the best one on the planet at covering live news like this is our sister blog over at Engadget,

I can hear the old media suits talking about ‘reach’ as I type this. But being first isn’t about reach, it’s about, well, being first. The next argument you’ll hear is the one about accuracy. Well, if you’ve ever watched a story unfold on CNN or any news agency, you know that accuracy takes second place to being first.


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