Blogs In The Classroom

I thought this tied in well with some recent posts from my guest blogger, Jessica;

Blogs are being SAFELY used by classroom teachers around the world to help students develop and refine their abilities to write and communicate effectively. Moving At The Speed of Creativity

I know from personal experience that some very strict rules are being put in place with regard to classroom blogging, minors and identity protection. Wesley’s podcast is worth a listen.


  1. One of the big bloggers (forgot which one) recently posted an entry on just how big of an impact bloggers are making on the way people are getting their information.

    His example was the iPhone debut and how all the people who knew where to get the info fastest (on blogs like already knew it all.. way before the newspapers and magazines (tangible media) that were coming out with the ‘latest’ the next day.

  2. DG

    Was it this guy? What’s surprising is that more old school media establishments aren’t monitoring the blog world to at least keep pace. Getting scooped by bloggers has to get old.

  3. Wow that’s pretty close to what I was talking about, but the one I was referrring to was this article by Michael Arrington over at TechCrunch.

    Same thing though, bloggers are comin’ up!

  1. 1 blog


    great post

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