PayPal Pummels Google Checkout

paypalAccording to a J.P. Morgan survey, Google’s aggressive campaign to get online shoppers to use their new service isn’t working. Not because people don’t want to take advantage of the $10 dollar signup offer, but because Checkout simply doesn’t make the cut.

Google Checkout ranked far below payment service PayPal in a customer-satisfaction survey of online shoppers that J.P. Morgan released on Wednesday. In fact, only 19 percent rated Google’s Checkout service as either “very good” or “good.” The rest relegated Google’s new offering to the “average,” “poor,” or “fair” categories.

Any glitch in the transaction process means lost sales. People simply don’t trust systems that error. Checkout is garnering more than their fair share of complaints;

Indeed, Google Checkout’s official discussion forum signals user concerns over the product. Users report error messages in the checkout process, confusion over how the payout system works, problems with the user interface, and even trouble logging in with Internet Explorer.

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  1. Sometimes I do not understand why Google wants to control each and every online business opportunity.

  2. TY for the useful post! I wouldn’t have found this myself!

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    […] Google Checkout took a hit on the chin with a J.P. Morgan report that said only 19% of users reported having a “good” or “very good” experience with the service. Coverage from Search Engine Journal and Digital Ghost. […]

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