Heading To Miami Monday

Miami I’ll just be gone for the day, but posting will be light. However, Stuart and Toni Livesey from Small Office, Home Office Information have written an excellent article on how to design sites for the over 50 crowd that I’ll be publishing here tomorrow before I leave.

You definitely want to make sure your site is appealing and user-friendly for this crowd as they are taking to the Web in droves and what’s more, they have buying power! Look for the article tomorrow and many thanks to Stuart and Toni for taking the time to share their information with us.


  1. Is that photo really from Hawaii. The woman looks Hawaiian or Polynesian.

  2. DG

    Good eye! I just found that photo more appealing than say, the Miami skyline. ; )

  3. Hmmm. I wonder what attracts you to it. ;-)

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