Megaglobe Search Engine Vows To End Click Fraud

megaglobeMegaglobe, a search engine in beta, vows to end click fraud. Unfortunately, very little information is given about how that task is to be accomplished. Currently, you can’t even use the search engine, but you can add your URL. There’s no launch date published, just a ‘coming soon’ message.

ITwire reports;

“Megaglobe will be Google’s hottest competition in a long time, protecting its advertisers from fraudulent click-throughs on their sponsored spots,” it said. “Experts have estimated that click fraud accounts for as much as 30 percent of an online advertiser’s expense, and Megaglobe will offer a revolutionary zero percent click fraud rate for sponsored ads. Advertisers will be able to verify clicks by comparing Megaglobe’s online reporting with their own server logs. Megaglobe’s sponsored listings will also be cheaper than those available on Google, Overture and Miva.”

What interests me is the blurb about a ‘new page rank method’ (sic). Lofty goals- end click fraud and improve upon PageRank. How refreshing it would be if a new search engine didn’t immediately announce itself as ‘Google’s hottest competition’.



    There is a Megaglobe forums that I found on Google :)


  2. DG

    Thanks Souley. Headed there now to take a look.

    added – There’s no info there either, just what appears to be ‘salted’ speculation. Shame, because I know some people that have quite a few questions.

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