Silver Tsunami – Seniors Poised To Storm The Web


If you haven’t noticed, lately I’ve been looking at two distinct groups of people in an effort to learn more about them and how to market to them on the web. Teenagers and what’s known as boomers, or silver surfers have been the focus of my efforts.

The latter group was largely ignored in the initial Web boom. They weren’t early adopters and privacy and fraud concerns, for the most part, kept them out of the online market place. Now the tide is turning and marketers have noticed. Are you prepared for the surge of silver surfers? As seniors near retirement age, nearly 66% of them are using the Web and researchers are saying that the silver shopping revolution is only five years away.

From an article at BBC News:

…a growing number of shoppers aged from 55 to 64, traditionally ignored by e-tailers, are eagerly jumping on the internet bandwagon.

Researchers warn a revolution in online shopping fuelled by the elderly consumer is only five years away.

Indeed, the way we live and shop is about to be revolutionized, according to the report.

And it is up to retailers whose websites currently target a younger audience to wake up and smell the coffee.

While you may be thinking that your product line doesn’t appeal to the boomer crowd, it’s important to remember that they shop for their children and grandchildren too.

Crowded Bricks and Mortar stores, high fuel prices and the convenience of shopping from home will contribute to the influx of traffic from this largely ignored group of consumers.


  1. Hi, I think I am one of them, perhaps I could shed some light on the Silver Surfers generation! I like your post BTW :) Phil

  2. DG

    Hello Phil, I’d love to hear more about the Silver Surfers. Of particular interest to me is your take on the Web and identity theft/fraud, etc. Quite a few of the people I talk to that are in their mid to late fifties seem to worry more about identity theft than any other single factor.

    Is identity theft perceived as being more of a Web issue than it is a social issue?

  3. Hi DG, Yes, I think you are on target with the online aspect, as many people I know are still pretty paranoid about identity theft. I do think the perception is changing though. I am not personally concerned with it myself (perhaps because I am poor lol), but older people have perhaps been taken advantage of over the years and think technology (a relative unknown to most) will get them in trouble.

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