I hate it when I make a comment on someone’s blog, forget about it, and then find out a week later that someone replied to me, or worse, asked a question and then it looks like I just ignored them. I tried co.omments, but the last thing I need is another RSS feed to read, and I don’t want to visit the tracking page unless there’s new comments.

So I tried Commentful and I love it. A little indicator light appears in the lower right-hand corner of the browser that lights up green when someone makes a comment at a thread I’ve posted in. To track a thread, all I have to do is right click and I’m done.

When the indicator flashes, a click takes me to the tracking page. No more missed comments and I save time. Excellent.

  1. Glad you like it – we have been working on some more features that should make it much more useful :)

    While it doesn’t advertise it, it can track pretty much anything – MySpace pages, forum pages, Flickr, Haloscan, Digg, YouTube, Experts Exchagen, and whatever else in between :)

  2. I use I use a bookmarklet whenever I make a comment and then subscribe to the page in RSS and I can read everyone’s comments after mine in my reader.

  3. DG

    Yeah, I don’t want to clutter up my RSS with a bunch of new pages to track for comments though.

    I can subscribe to a single RSS feed with Commentful if I want to, and then just check when the indicator flashes.

  4. That’s a great idea that Commentful capitalized on. Thanks DG!

    Just signed up to give it a shot.

    Not the biggest fan of their logo though.. ;)

  5. DG

    I have it on pretty good authority that we’ll be seeing quite a few changes, maybe that will include the logo. ; ) The manual leaves a little to be desired, just remember that the right click function brings up the ‘add to watchlist’. Took me awhile to find that.

  6. And now all AJAXified – page loads up in a few seconds :)

  7. great column keep up the great work.

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