Removed MyBlogLog Widget

As much as I love seeing everyone’s smiling face when they visit, the service seems to be slowing down more and more every day. The slow load was making my left eye twitch.


  1. I’ve noticed on the SEL site it was pretty slow loading as well. I’ve toyed with adding it to FN, but tbh I just couldn’t be bothered integrating it. Yes, I am lazy!

  2. Nice new theme btw – looks really smart!

  3. DG

    Thanks. but the theme is my second choice, they removed the one I liked, after I paid for some CSS design and a logo. So now I have this cool logo that doesn’t fit into this theme at all. Look for more changes. ; )

  4. Oh really it really slow down. Then I think I will remove it soon! Thanks


  5. This reminded me of an old chinese proverb. However can’t recall the actual way it went.

  1. 1 I Banned MyBlogLog » TheMadHat

    […] point has been reached. Joining with Andy’s MyBlogLog Boycott, myself and Graywolf, Boser, DigitalGhost, Microsoft everyone else will be removing that thing from our […]

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