More Social Media Madness

Blogstream announced via email. From the email:

It is a social networking site based upon your dreams, goals and desires. Membership is 100% FREE and it only takes a few minutes to join in. You just join up then make a list of the goals you have for your life… for example: Learn to speak spanish, Jump out of an airplane, Volunteer at a homeless shelter, Climb Mt. Everest, Go to the gym

…You can also communicate in a bloglike fashion — you can leave posts and comments on particular goals to discuss where you have been, what you want to do, etc.

Seems familiar… oh, but label it ‘social networking’ and what was old is new again. Hanging out at the pub with your friends? Nope. You’re ‘networking’, taking advantage of Pub 2.0. Make sure you use the ‘send a beer to a friend’ feature.


  1. The social networkingsite world never stops amazing me. The phenom of world marketing is addictive. I hope to cover it correctly on my blog . and with everything Whats old will be new.
    CJ Boston

  2. DG

    There should be lots of madness to cover CJ, the hype machines are just hitting their stride.

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