Nick Wilson on Why Snap Is Bad For Your Blog

Nick Wilson lays out three reasons why Snap is bad for your blog. I happen to agree with all three points. I can enable Snap with a click, but after running into those obtrusive preview windows several times while mousing over a link, I simply decided Snap was irritating and that’s where I left it.

Nick offers up a bit more insight,

All joking aside, SPA is not helpful, it’s not cool, and it’s not winning you readers — It’s bling, a silly little shiney thing designed specifically to increase awareness of — no bad thing, and certainly an shining example of how to use widgets to gain links and attention, but, come on ladies and gentleman, show a little self restraint, show a little consideration for your users.

If you’d like to see his reasoning behind why he thinks Snap is bad for your blog, head on over to Performancing to read his take on Snap.

Before you implement Snap, give it some serious thought. It’s worse than distracting, it’s rude.


  1. It was also interesting to see the names of those that supported it.

  2. DG

    I just wonder how they think that Snap benefits them? Or the user?

  3. google one of those names and you’ll soon see.

    I’m all about marketing but I’m not as rabid as he is :)

  4. DG

    Yeah, he’s over the top. Takes all kinds.

  5. Those tiny squares don’t give you much of a chance to preview anything.

  6. DG

    They sort of remind me of streethawkers.

    Psst, hey buddy, c’mere.

    No, hey, over here.

    C’mon, don’t pay any attention that guy, I’ve got what you want over here…

    Welcome to the blog by the way.

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