Cell Phone Widgets Are On The Way

Shortly after posting The Coming Teen Cell Phone Revolution below, I ran across an article on a company called Bling Software Inc, that is bringing widgets to cell phones. The target market? A “young, urban demographic”

By using new programming tools or rethinking existing ones, companies at this week’s DEMO emerging technologies conference claim they can replicate familiar aspects of today’s desktop computing on the phone’s small screen.

These modules might contain video clips and other interactive features. Users can access them through a slicker graphical interface rather than the text-heavy menus often used to bring content onto cell phones.

Don’t have a smart phone but still want your email? Another company, TeleFlip Inc. is launching a free service that can route emails to cell phones.

Look for the cell phone market to explode with other widgets and services as we move away from the PC and fully embrace the cell phone as the link that keeps us connected.


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