Daytipper – Is It A Scam?

I mentioned Daytipper toward the end of December as a site that paid people for submitting a tip. Susan Corbett recently commented in that post stating that Daytipper is a scam.

Seems the creator of Daytipper has a special definition of the word ‘published’.

The Discrepancy…
When normal people say something has been ‘published’ to the Internet, we mean that it’s been posted to a viewable page, that users can see it, that it’s searchable and accessible. When Nathan Preheim says ‘published’, he means ‘appearing on Daytipper’s homepage’. Three to six tips a day are selected for the homepage, the rest go to regular pages throughout the site.

And where on the Daytipper site does Preheim disclose his very special definition of ‘published’? Nowhere. And there, is where contributors start crying ‘Scam!”.

The rest of her story is equally enlightening.


  1. This is Nathan from Daytipper. Susan’s article is a scam. Our application had a bug. We were unaware that users could view unpublished tips by manipulating the URL. We have since fixed that problem and apologize for the confusion. Is was not our intent to have these tips exposed. These tips were not linked from our site and the only people that saw the exposed tips were the ones who took advantage of the bug. These unpublished tips were only viewed by a handful of people who discovered the bug. Every tip author who has had a tip published, has been paid. Daytipper makes no guarantee on when tips will be published. Some are published relatively quickly (within days or weeks) and others take longer (several months or more). But if your tips has been accepted, they will be published and you will be paid. Payment is initiated on the publish date. Please contact me with questions or concerns.

  2. It always bothers me when someone is called a scammer and their first line of defence is to call the person who made the first accusation the same name.

    If there is a genuine reason for a problem arising then that’s all that has to be said in reply – there’s no need to go into personalities.

  3. Ben

    Daytipper isn’t a scam – I know because I’m one of the Top Tippers listed on the site’s homepage (Ben from Kansas City, MO). I’ve received prompt and full payments for each of my tips that have appeared on the site. So, I’m not sure how exactly the Daytipper company has scammed anyone; they’ve lived up to their end every time one of my tips have been published, so there’s no reason to think they’ve treated anyone else in any other way.

  4. DG

    Thanks Ben, From the list of comments at the Associated Content thread, it seems like a number of people are questioning the definition of ‘published’ that is being used. Maybe a clear policy on what ‘published’ means at the Daytipper site, and a clear payment schedule.

  5. Tim

    Nathan has no clue what he is doing. I am57 I amy get my $3 by the time I am 90.

  6. Tim

    dam keyboard sorry about the typo

  7. I have only one tip set to be published, but received nothing in the way of explanation when I get paid. Only if I get paid will I offer more tips.
    As point of fact, a person posting an article of their experience of the site is not a scam. A scam is a business that makes promises and don’t follow through. If they offer $3 per tip and don’t pay, then its a scam.

  8. bmth55

    i have sent up 4 tips been waiting for like three weeks and they arent on there yet its so slow try triond people its much betta but if i get paid in the next day or two i take it all back lol

  9. Yes. I published 2 tips 2 years ago (one was put in a book). Never saw a single cent.

  10. This is interesting. There is so many negative feedback…I first thought daytipper was a good idea but now I am thinking differently. I think daytipper has lost its standard. I look at some of the submitted tips on its home page and I see gibberish. Ooops did I say that? Yes, in fact some is not even original. Don’t think I’ll be joining them. They use you. If I understood right, they hold copyrights to your work that has not been published on their home page or accepted for submission too. How fair is that?

  11. Jason Cox

    After a threat (and had every intention of following through with it) I had many emails from the owner…
    From the owner Nathan Preheim
    “But the business model failed. Anyone who runs an ad-based business will tell you that web-based ads don’t pay the bills. I’ve spend between 15-25k of my own money financing this venture, and have made very, very little in ads. I’ve attached a screenshot that shows the money I’ve made from ads in all of October 2010 – $19. ”
    “always paid what I could, and had to modify the terms and conditions because I couldn’t pay anymore. I initially paid $3 per tip, then $1 per tip, and then paid a monthly cash prize. But as you’ll see, I haven’t published any tips in a very long while because Daytipper is broke.”

  12. i don’t know wether DT is scam or not. i just try right now and i will proof it by my self. not by the others comments..but, thanks for your argue of the protests comments over there

  13. I think about the reason you titled this specific post, “Daytipper – Is
    It A Scam? Speaking Freely”. Either way I personally adored it!

  14. miss right

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