Sony Reader – For Bookworms

Sony-Reader1If you like to read but you’re tired of carrying books to airports and waiting rooms or you’re simply tired of littering the back seat of your car with those books you’ve already read, give the Sony Reader a try.

I just received one as a gift and after playing with it for a few hours I’m hooked. It’s small, light and it does exactly what it was intended to do.

I’ve tried to read books I’ve downloaded to my laptop but the experience isn’t pleasant. The experience is even worse outside in the sunshine. Sony Reader uses a technology called e Ink and the result is a display that looks like black ink on white paper. You can read in direct sunlight and at almost any angle. It’s the size of a small paperback and the internal memory holds around 80 books.

You can expand the memory and it’s not limited to just books. You can read blogs, documents PDFs and newsfeeds. It weighs in at under a half a pound.

The books aren’t any less expensive through CONNECT eBooks but you get them immediately. I had a large number of out-of-copyright Gutenberg texts I wanted to read so I simply added them to the Reader. If you read a lot, the $349.99 is well worth it.


  1. and you can take it to the bathroom too :)

  2. Awesome rundown Dean. So you can load it up with anything you want right? Does it connect to the Internet?

  3. DG

    Almost anything. It will play unprotected MP3s too. It doesn’t connect directly, the Connect software turns the documents, feeds or PDFs into files that render on the Reader, so it’s a load and go device. It’s all grayscale, no color jpgs, but if you want to catch up on your reading out by the pool, it’s great.

  4. That eInk technology is quite amazing – it’s been around for over 12 months now I think but not many manufacturers are taking advantage of it yet.

  5. DG

    It blew me away Stuart. Not to mention that cruising for popular book titles you can get immediately is a rush.

  6. Is it ruggedized or drop proof?

  7. DG

    Heh, I dropped it getting it out of the box and it’s working just fine. It’s light, so it doesn’t feel like it would take much punishment, but I received a cover with it, and I’m definitely not scared to drop the thing. Stepping on it might be the end of it though. ; )

    One drawback I noted instantly- no search feature.

    I think I’ll use it mainly for books and documents. The RSS feedreader tech requires that the thing be cradled, and some of the listed feeds aren’t supported. I didn’t have any trouble reading most of my documents but others seem to format incorrectly. Some PDFs format incorrectly as well. I’m still playing with, but as far as the books from Connect go, it’s fantastic.

    On the upside, Yahoo Librie group offers quite a few perfectly formatted texts to reads.

  8. Cool, I’ll send all my friends to read this (hint, hint)

  9. sounds like a very good product. How long will the batter last. For example would I be able to keep reading on a flight to london for example?

  10. DG

    Just did some checking, the battery lasts for around ‘7,500’ page turns. I read for hours last night (around 6 ), then read all morning, (5 more hours). Still going strong. I haven’t had to charge it yet, but the literature says it recharges in about 4 hours.

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