N.Y. Times Publisher – No More Print Newspaper Within Five Years?

Last week I reported on a conversation I had with the media manager of a local newspaper in a post entitled The Fall of the Paper Newspaper. This week, Eytan Avriel reports that Arthur Sulzberger, the publisher of the New York Times has a new goal:

“I really don’t know whether we’ll be printing the Times in five years, and you know what? I don’t care either,” he says.

Sulzberger is focusing on how to best manage the transition from print to Internet.

“The Internet is a wonderful place to be, and we’re leading there,” he points out.

The Times, in fact, has doubled its online readership to 1.5 million a day to go along with its 1.1 million subscribers for the print edition.

Sulzberger says the New York Times is on a journey that will conclude the day the company decides to stop printing the paper. That will mark the end of the transition.

Five years is a long way away, and I have to wonder if by the time they make the transition to the Web, that everyone else will have made the transition to mobile.

If you had any doubts about print advertising in newspapers being in serious decline, Sulzberger’s comments should end them. Related

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  1. Honestly, I won’t miss the demise of newspapers at all. I truly despise paper lying around and haven’t subscribed to a newspaper in years. As long as I have the internet and TV, I’d rather save a lot of trees.

  2. DG

    I think we’ll end up with print editions being served up once or twice a week for the people that simply refuse or can’t get their news and coupons online.

    I don’t miss print, except for the smell of ink and cheap paper while I have my coffee.

  3. I wrote a post about school kids not identifying with newspapers any more. As you would expect, younger students are more in tune with digital media, and the teachers prefer the old papers. I won’t miss them much for the same reasons as you market, they are nasty and unsightly, and they waste energy too.

  4. Newspapers are dying pretty quickly. I only pretty much read online or watch it on tv.

  5. I like to think big. How about NO TV in 3 YEARS!!!

    Yeah! Tha’s what *I’m* talkin’ ’bout!

  6. I read part of a newspaper yesterday for the first time in months. It made me laugh ( the act not the reading ). I like the idea of more people reading online. Saves resources.

    I believe that there will still be some newspapers printed in the future as well.

    While I rarely watch television I still believe it has some value. The bottom line is.. Who is in control of what shows are watched? Children are allowed free range today… the consequences effect us all.

  7. I’m in college, and that’s definitely an age where kids pay more attention to digital media than print newspapers because it’s simply hard to find newspapers on campus (at least at my school). However, they just started a program here where we get three different newspapers delivered M-F, the USA Today, New York Times, and the local paper, and so far they are flying off the shelves everyday. I wrote more about it on my blog.

    I think print newspapers still have some special allure that won’t go away until the internet is truly mobile – meaning we can read things on a mobile phone without getting a headache. Computers can’t be taken everywhere yet.

  8. ”Five years is a long way away”
    not that far away.. I don’t think newspaper will die this early, it might happen, but not this early.

    Those companies are still making ALOT of profit.

  9. Sheila

    Newspapers will never go out of style. Why? The internet at times can be lame. The constant, freezing up, cannot find server messages, viruses, errors…all happen when you need the information the most! Not to mention your eyes?

    Trust, some things will never go out of style.

  10. DG

    The thing is, is that newspapers are really bad about getting you the information you need most in a timely manner. By the time I get print headlines, the story has been covered by all the network news or the local news stations.

    Odd that the ads that support newspapers might be the sole reason for their survival. I’m sure we’re going to see some changes in print news as they struggle to adapt to the instant news world.

  11. While I’m very “pro-web”, I do find the thought kind of scary.. All the media coming through one channel.. What if the Internet breaks!! :)

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