Blidget – Turn Your Blog Into A Widget

wbx-pbadge14A new widget from Widgetbox allows you to turn your blog into a widget which allows anyone to grab the code and slap your headlines onto their blog.

It’s a simple process, just sign up at Widgetbox if you don’t already have an account, (it’s free) click on the Blidget box on this page and type in your blog’s URl. The Blidget app auto-discovers your feed, pulls the headlines, put them in a scrollbox (Iframe) and then allows you to choose the color and image you’d like to use for your Blidget. The look is customizable for the people that want to put your Blidget on their blog.

If you’d like to see my Blidget, click on the Blidget button on the right beneath the big RSS button.


  1. Your blidget is really neat because of your headlines: your headlines read like those of a magazine/publication for professionals. I keep forgetting how important writing good headlines is, and this is definitely a reminder I should take seriously.

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