Wooden USB ‘Sticks’ – Sport Your Wood

woodyTired of that plastic look? Looking for a conversation piece with some functionality? Check out Oooms for the latest in hard-working, wooden USB ‘sticks’. From 256 MB to one Gig.

Rest assured that no one’s stick will look exactly like yours.


  1. Bit awkward if you want to use your other sockets ath the same time LOL!

  2. well you see mr TSA security screener it’s not really a stick it’s a USB jumb drive … you know like computers … no I wasn’t trying to hide it in piece of wood, it was you know kind of like a joke, you know nature technology joined together … no sir I’m not trying to be James Bond or something …

  3. DG

    >>other sockets

    Definitely a one socket at a time device.


    Gotta give those guys something to do other than look for fluids.

  4. I dont think any one would prefer those , unless, of course,
    he’s some antique collector. But nice to see tech’s going nature’s way..

  5. I like them. They are sweet. Hikers would like them. What if I wanted to trick my whole computer out like a forest? Any accessories? A web cam that looks like a bird’s nest? A monitor with a water fall down the side. A lattice up the desktop that I can grow vines on?

    Let’s do it up!

  6. DG

    I’ve seen flat panels with wood trim and iPods with wood trim, no birds nest cams though.

  7. A termite walked into a bar looked around and said “Where is the bartender?”

  8. Thumbs upward for those who have pokemon black/white language to help Ds lite!

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