Cell Phone Ad Invasion On The Way

Ads are coming your way, and soon. The medium is just too lucrative for advertisers to ignore. So get your mobile marketing hat on and join in the fray.

Already, ads are creeping onto cell phones around the globe. At this rate, experts say, it won’t be long before the world’s 2.2 billion mobile phone users think it natural to tune into a 15-second spot before watching a video, sending a message or listening to a downloaded song in between phone conversations.

“This is the year that advertising Email Marketing Software – Free Demo breaks out worldwide,” said Laura Marriott, the executive director of the Mobile Marketing Association, based in Boulder, Colo., which represents more than 400 advertisers, phone manufacturers, operators and market research firms. “Previously, there were not enough of the right phones and fast networks to support good advertising.”

Who is leading the way? Yahoo! Don’t think for a minute that it is a small time play either. Far from it, the usual suspects have signed with Yahoo. Pepsi, Procter & Gamble, Hilton, Nissan and Intel. And that’s just for starters.

This time they’re playing it smart too,

“The mobile phone is a pristine media and we have to be sure not to ruin that,” Parodi said.

Is it time for you to begin thinking about mobile marketing?


  1. I love this quote – I’m not sure whether it makes me want to laugh hysterically or cry

    “The mobile phone is a pristine media and we have to be sure not to ruin that,”

    And they speak of it as something new and innovative. Mobile marketing has been alive and well in Europe for several years and companies like Land Rover were doing some very innovative mobile marketing in the UK over 12 months ago.

  2. DG

    This particular area of the rain forest has remain untouched for centuries, we kept that in mind when we built the monorail and the resort…

    The U.S. lags nn cell coverage as well as cell innovation but I’m sure that when it comes to advertising, we’ll catch up. ; )

  3. I honestly think that cellphone marketing is an intrusion too far into people’s lives. Web ads, TV ads, etc are all part and parcel of the modern world, but I hate text message ads or random phone calls with a vengence.

    I recently got myself a new phone and for the first week Vodaphone sent me text messages at the same time each morning informing me of random services, and finally called me up for a “chat” the next week. It pissed me off royally! :)

    I think businesses look at new technology in such a bland and boring way – ooh let’s throw some old skool adverts on it! Score!

    I remember back in my Uni days, brainstorming with my Marketing lecturer about how new developments would change marketing. Example – using mobile phones and (for example) Bluetooth technology to pay for goods at a vending machine instead of using cash. This would be a great application of the technology – useful for users, great for the companies involved – but God forbid businesses actually put some thought into developing interesting and innovative things like this…


  4. There are some places I don’t want to see advertising. I get enough interruptions from my phone without tons of advertising (even targeted) getting through, yuk

  5. DG

    >>pay for goods at a vending machine

    That’s already happening. Just wondering how long it takes before e see more Push technology.

    >>I get enough interruptions

    I think most people see it as too intrusive. But what if the phone were free? Or the rates were greatly reduced? Remember that Google statement about ‘cell phones should be free’? I thik they’ll find a market. But I don’t foresee saturation any time soon.

  6. While some might think that Push technology is extremely intrusive if it’s done right I think that it can be well received by consumers.

    Here where I live many tourists see Hervey Bay as a launching pad to other places and a regular comment that I see on the blogs that many tourists keep while they’re traveling is that there’s nothing much to do here.

    But what if the local tourist office used Push technology to give visitors a brief virtual tour of the city? What if local restaurants and cafes used Push technology to let visitors know what was on offer around lunch or dinner time? What if the local authorities used Push technology to warn visitors of any special ordinances that might be in force here in town that they may not have encountered in other places?

    In Second Life some marketers are already using a form of Push technology and personally I find it more helpful than intrusive. But the key is having it ‘done right’ and sadly too many marketers just can’t help themselves when it comes to any form of marketing.

  7. Still bracing myself for the commercial flood. I have seen some, but it is the quite before the storm.

  8. DG

    Hello Fred,

    Push tech is much more common overseas, the States are slow to adopt, resistant to the change as many feel it’s too intrusive.

    That’s why I think Google is making the push toward free cellphones, solely because they can push ads.

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