Fastlink2 – Website Popularity Checker

I was offered a test drive of Fastlink2′ s Website Popularity Checker so I’ve been playing with it for the last few days or so.

As with all popularity checkers, it’s all about the links and this tool searches for quite a few reports. After you install it you will be presented with a screen showing a few test sites. Look for the Remove button to clear them out. Click ‘Add Website’ to add the sites you wish to check. You’ll be presented with a screen that looks like the following:


From there you can click individual sites to check backlinks or select ‘Update All’. It will check for backlinks in AllTheWeb, AltaVista, Google,/Earthlink, Inktomi/Hotbot, MSN, Technorati, Yahoo and Alexa and provide totals for you. You can export that chart to a text file.

All the charts export to a simple text file except for the ‘Statistics’ chart which exports to a nice PNG. Unfortunately, You lose the headings and formatting so exporting anything but the Statistics chart is a little aggravating.

After you’ve determined your inbound links you can move on to rank with a click of the button. Rank includes Alexa, Yahoo, Google PageRank and Netcraft rank.

The Indexed Pages button serves up reports from Google, Yahoo, MSN, Gigablast and Exalead. The social tagging button covers, Digg and Reddit. What about directories? Those are included as well. DMOZ, Yahoo and Google Groups are all there, as well as .EDU, .GOV and Wikipedia.

The Press and Media button shows reports for Google News, Yahoo News, Google Blog Search and IceRocket. The SEO Button shows visibility, the date the domain was created and the IP address.

Which brings us to the last report. Statistics. That’s the one that can be exported via PNG format. You can also choose the criteria you want to include and pick your date range which would prove useful to clients if they need visual proof of say, a link campaign’s trend over time.

What about Proxies? Yes, they are supported, you can add, delete and check them. You can also decide on the number of connections you’d like. You can even import proxies.

Drawbacks? There are two that stick out immediately, losing the headers for the text reports, and not being able to click on individual reports to view or verify them. For example, if I run the ‘Social Tagging’ reports, I can’t click on ‘Digg’ to see the number of mentions at Digg itself.

All in all, it’s a handy application for checking various information. I didn’t notice a limit on the number of sites you can add but I added 50 to check and it worked pretty quickly.

You can check a site’s popularity against another site with a glance as they’ve color-coded the inbound links report. The price? $47.00 US.


  1. mikejohansen

    I think it is a really nice popularity checker! Thanks for the post.

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