Adding a Mobile Marketing Section

You’ll notice a new link in the top navigation for ‘Mobile Marketing’. I’ve got hundreds of links bookmarked to some good sites, and I started receiving emails last week from people with lots of questions about mobile marketing, terminology, how to get started, etc.

Currently, the page doesn’t contain a whole lot, but I promise to add links every week to try to make the page useful. Adding links bores me to tears though, so don’t expect hundreds of links in a week. ; )


  1. Hello DG,

    I was referred to your website through PipelineZ to establish reciprocal links between our websites. My website is: where I provide information on how small businesses can implement mobile marketing into their marketing and sales strategies through Tom Tom Text.

    I have gone ahead and put a link from my own website to yours. Here is the page where you can view my link to you: . Please let me know if it is inaccurate in any way, and I will improve it. I am in the process of adding more links to my site related to mobile marketing.

    Will you please set up a link on your own website back over to That way we can both be sending traffic to each other and help with the search engines’ rankings.

    Thank you very much! I look forward to being of mutual benefit to each other.


    Sharlene Leker

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