Programs and Plugins That Make My ‘Must Reinstall’ List

Losing a hard drive is a pain, but it is going to happen to you. More than once. It’s certainly happened to me more than once and over the years and several lost drives, I’ve kept a list of programs and plugins that I keep reinstalling. My reasoning is that if they keep making the cut, they must have some value. The list follows.

winsSearch – Tiny, free Windows application that lets you search with a simple keystroke. Just highlight the word or phrase, hit the ‘Windows’ and ‘S’ key simultaneously, and you can perform a Google search from anywhere within Windows.

Blowfish Advanced CS – If you don’t have any encryption programs you might want to rethink your position on security. I encrypt client data, archived email, exe files of programs that I don’t won’t anyone to run, etc. Additionally, this free program offers secure file deletion and it’s easy to use. There’s even a feature that keeps people from using the program without knowing your password. This ensures that your data won’t get ‘accidentally’ encrypted.

Blogdesk – This free blog client is indispensable if you use WordPress, Movable Type, Drupal, Serendipity or ExpressionEngine. Quickly format text and graphics, archive your posts and maintain multiple blogs with ease. No need to log in to any admin panel. This program will save you time, guaranteed.

RoboForm – This free program just recently made my list after a mention by Graywolf. It remembers all those nagging little passwords and logins for you and enters them. Tired of filling out forms? RoboForm will do it for you. You can assign a master password to the entire program to keep out prying eyes.

Prefbar – This Firefox plugin gives you more control over the pages you view. Turn off Java and Javascript with a click, choose not to send referrer information, spoof your UA and more. All with a click.

Commentful – Like to opine? Hate checking to see if anyone has replied? Try the Commentful plugin for Firefox. Just click to add a comment page to your ‘watch’ list and forget about it, until the indicator light flashes letting you know that someone has replied. This is a great application if you enter lots of discussions.

SharpReader – This free RSS aggregator handles all RSS versions, supports search and allows you to set the refresh and purge intervals. Don’t want the aggravation of transferring your feed list to another program? SharpReader supports OPML import and export. My favorite feature is drag-and-drop subscribe.

SEO For Firefox – Absolutely the easiest way to grab information about a website. Just enter the URL and click. Check site age, cache, Whois, link data and more with a single click.

Image Enhance 3.2.4 – It’s not Photoshop, but if you want a small, easy to use image editor, Image Enhance fits the bill. Free, small (287 kB), and powerful.

FileZilla – Last but not least, a free, full-featured FTP and SFTP client.


  1. so how do you search for stuff that’s in encrypted files?

  2. DG

    It requires some discipline. I create folders for each client/contact, everything gets archived by client. I encrypt the entire folder and if I need to find something for a particular client, I decrypt that folder and search it.

  3. Hi DG,

    Welcome back.

    I’ve been meaning to try Blogdesk for a while. Is it really that good? or do you have to fix the post with the wordpress editor?

  4. Hi, very happy to hear that winSsearch made your list. If you have any suggestions for improvements then please leave a comment on my blog. Thanks!

  5. DG

    >>do you have to fix the post with the wordpress editor?

    Yoav, it’s really that good. I never have to touch a post in the WordPress editor. The only time I go to the admin panel now is to check stats.

    Hello Will, thanks for creating winSsearch, I use it quite a bit. ; )

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