The Mobile Wallet

Have you tried to envision how mobile marketing may work? Simone Gampel from RegiSoft supplied the following scenario, and while it might not apply to you yet, it’s on the way.

As you answer your final e-mail of the day, and close your computer – you receive an SMS from the event organizers telling you that there are a few places left for the England versus New Zealand match tonight at 8pm. You text the organizers and within a few seconds, you have two mobile tickets with an encrypted barcode on your phone.

On your way to your car, you receive your daily SMS traffic alert letting you know that your best option would be to avoid the highway due to a three-car pile-up.
Following this advice, you make it to the venue in good time, park your car in the lot – and send a text message with “S” to start your parking payment which is charged to your mobile phone.
Pete is waiting for you at the entrance, and the two of you whiz past the queues waiting to enter with their paper tickets. At the entrance for those with mobile tickets, a scanner reads the barcode off your mobile phone, and the turnstiles open for you and Pete to enter.

After an incredible match, with an unbelievable goal in the last 3 minutes by England to win the match, you and Pete head over to the stadium McDonalds take-out for a bite. Pete texts a keyword, as advertised on the big screen at the end of the match, and downloads the video of the final goal. You watch it together on his phone.

You scroll through you phone messages, and access a coupon your received yesterday for McDonalds offering a free Coke with your burger and fries. Pete is jealous that he hasn’t got a coupon, and so he opts-in to the McDonalds mobile loyalty club to receive their specials and discount m-Coupons on his phone.

As you get into your car, you text “E” to end your parking payment, and leave the grounds. At the exit, you see a beggar, and decide to give him a few coins. You reach into your pocket, and realize that you left you wallet at home this morning! Well, who needs a wallet these days anyway!

RegiSoft’s World Trade Sever™ (WTS™) middleware offers all of the above scenarios and more. Mobile marketing, mobile loyalty clubs, mobile payments, mobile ticketing, interactive mobile activities such as raffles, quizzes and votes, and mobile parking have turned the mobile phone into a wallet. With mobile phones outselling computers with a ratio of 6:1, who wouldn’t take advantage of the device in your customer’s pocket for reaching your target audience at a time and a place where the consumer is most receptive? The WTS™ allows you to offer your clients the most relevant information, content and services to their mobile phone, and the platform is already in use on all five continents, in the USA, UK, Turkey, Thailand, South Africa and Brazil amongst others.
For further information on RegiSoft visit us at

Simone Gampel

Marketing Project Manager

Did you see that bit about mobile phones outselling computers 6 to 1?


  1. I know quite well Regisoft. Gavitec and Regisoft are partners. Wayin, for example, uses Mobile ticketing from Regisoft and Gavitec.
    MC2 (Mobile Codes Consortium) is one of the hottest topics right now in Mobile industry. I have followed the formation of MC2 from day 1.


  2. of course you’ve got to be willing to put your life “on the grid”. I’m too old and don’t feel the need and get wierded out by it, but my kids are a different story

  3. DG

    I don’t even like to carry a cell phone, let alone let someone push ads to me on one, but I noticed that my daughter and her friends don’t seem to mind.

  4. Roberta Skaliny

    Mobile Marketing, Mobile Media and Mobile Commerce are the future.

    I’m working in a large advertising agency and we started ti implement mobile marketing service.

    We outsource the service to a company that uses Regisoft WTS which we found to be the best solution in the market.

    Highly recomended even though we are not working directly with Regisoft

  5. DG

    >>Mobile Marketing, Mobile Media and Mobile Commerce are the future.

    I agree. Some though, seem to think that people in the States will never come to terms with it. Personally, I think we’ll see a much higher adoption rate within two years.

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