Who Gets The Blame For Creating The First Blog? – Blogs Turn Ten


Blogs are a decade old, or at least Cnet is saying that blogs turned ten, so the search is on to find out who created the first blog. Not surprisingly, the quest centers around defining exactly what a blog is.

So who was the first blogger? Justin Hall, Carolyn Burke, Jorn Barger or Dave Winer? The answer? Probably none of them. I recall seeing ‘online diaries’ way back in the BBS days. Of course Winer says that “Lots of people made weblogs what they are today’, but then goes on to say that “The first blogs were inspired by this blog”. “This blog” meaning scripting.com which is of course, his. Yeah, whatever.

Trying to find the first ‘blogger’ will be like trying to find the first person that milked a cow. In fact, even the age of ‘blogs’ are in doubt. But hey, if a few people want to make some unproven claims, what better place to make them than on the Web?


  1. I’m sure that somewhere in all of his work creating the internet, that Al Gore must have made the first official blog post. Well, that is my guess.

    Seriously, I thought that blogging as we know it today was a pretty new concept, maybe 4 or 5 years old at best.


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